Established in Western Sydney in 1997, Lowana was an initiative started by local parents who wanted a place where the overall character of their daughters was developed in an environment conducive to their personal, professional and spiritual growth.

Volunteers and parents passionate about promoting good values for women began running activities in their own homes throughout various areas of Western Sydney. As the club expanded in numbers, the idea of establishing a centre dedicated to the vision of women’s character development would become a reality.

Lowana Study Centre started in a rented premise in South Penrith in September 2008. Since 2012, Lowana has its permanent premise at 11 Higgins Street, Penrith.

All activities are run by volunteers including high school students, university students, young professionals and parents.

“Lowana provides my daughters with a sense of belonging in a community where they can freely be themselves. Growing in character & spiritual formation in a fun & enjoyable atmosphere.”

“At Lowana they receive leadership & spiritual formation which gives them the confidence & conviction to go out to the wider community, helping the poor, educating children & most importantly being valuable members in society.”



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We are fundraising for a better home to fit all our exciting activities, so that we can reach more girls.
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