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Our Vision

Lowana: Women at their best; in the families of Western Sydney and beyond.

Lowana believes that every woman is unique and helps each person to achieve their full potential in order to put their talents and skills at the service of society, inspiring them to live generously and with a deeper meaning. Our focus is on providing an environment where social awareness and personal character development can flourish. We work in partnership with families and other professionals who share this vision.

Our Mission

Lowana exists to build character and to foster professional excellence in women of all ages, so they can be positive agents of change in society. 

Lowana strives to achieve this by creating opportunities for personal growth through study programs, professional workshops, community service, spiritual formation and one on one mentoring.

Our Values

We inspire
Lowana supports women of all ages to be a force for positive change, as leaders in their own right regardless of their age, personality or occupation. We see the unique “genius” of women that empowers them to have a long range impact on family, friends, colleagues, across generations and professions.

We lead
Lowana builds leaders through strong individual character development and professional excellence. Inspirational volunteers (teachers, university students, young professionals and parents) help to navigate a world saturated with opportunities, information and varied pressures. Initiatives such as study programs, one on one mentoring and leadership camps allow women of all ages to reach their goals, building virtue and interior life. 

We give
Lowana helps women of all ages to progress toward their goals, while also providing community service and friendship – to draw out the best in each individual – helping them to discover leadership at the service of others.

Lowana is a project of the Association for Educational Projects Limited (AEPL), a not-for-profit company which aims to promote education and the development of character in accordance with the ideals of Christianity. For those interested we offer spiritual activities in the Christian faith.

AEPL supports a wide range of programs aimed at providing education and building social awareness in young people throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Activities of a spiritual nature are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church, which helps people find holiness in everyday life. For more information on Opus Dei visit www.opusdei.org.au

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