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We’re moving into 13 Higgins Street!

Moving into 13 Higgins Street

Great news! We have finished refurbishing an old garage in 13 Higgins to create space for activities, such as talks and personal mentoring sessions.

What we need

To help make this house a home, it would be great if we could get some help with…

Garage Renovations

Scroll through the photo gallery to see the renovation in progress!


Fundraising goal: $40,000

 We have finished raising $40,000 towards the garage as at August 2022. Thank you to everyone for their generosity!

The garage renovation is now complete but it included the following works: electrical work, ceilings and walls, floor works, roof and gutter repairs, replacement of entry door and window, installation of air conditioning unit and smoke alarm and installation of new sliding door, front timber deck, external eaves and gutters and furnishing.

It is now being used by the club girls as well as other activities for women of all ages.

Can you chip in?

If you, or perhaps even a group of you, can help with purchasing any of these items or services, please contact Lourdes on 0421 200 533 or make a donation now.