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What is Lowana?

Lowana is a non-profit, volunteer based study centre committed to form girls and women of character, service and friendship.

The Study Centre provides programs and activities designed to foster the holistic development of the person, to help them reach their full potential in order to serve society. Activities are run by volunteers and include study programs, private tuition, leadership camps and workshops, holiday and social activities, and opportunities for local and international volunteer community service projects. At Lowana, everyone is given a mentor who helps her set and reach her personal goals.

Lowana is an Aboriginal word for ‘girl’. We recognise the important role of women to make a positive impact amongst their family, friends, local community and society as a whole. By encouraging women to seek personal and professional excellence in their studies and work, they can become agents of change.

Lowana is a project of Association for Educational Projects (AEPL), a non-profit company focused on promoting educational activities, character development and Christian ideals.

AEPL has a Child Protection Policy which is available for download. The Child Protection Officer of AEPL is Gerald Santucci, Director of Snedden Hall & Gallop Lawyers, 0414 936 456.

Lowana welcomes women of all ages, creeds, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and takes an authentic interest in helping them reach their full potential.

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