Lowana brings together women from a variety of industries and ages for mutual support, insightful guidance, and lifelong learning. It aims to enrich women professionally and culturally through talks, workshops and activities that enabe them to positively contribute to their social environment.

Through sharing of inspirational journeys, authentic friendships and a spirit of collaboration, a new generation of young professional women are being empowered to participate in positions of leadership and positive influence across all sectors.

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In Conversations 

In Conversation 2018 session 1: “Crisis” 

When: Friday, November 16 2018
Time: 7:30pm - 9pm. (7pm mass)
Where: Mary MacKillop Hall, St Aidan's Parish, Rooty Hill.

About the series
In Conversations is a series of events that aim to bring young, like-minded women together to talk about significant social issues and the ways in which we can better present and defend our views.

Macy - 0431 653 598

Apologetics Series with Dr Sam Day

When: Every 2nd Monday of the month
Time: 8.00pm

About Dr Sam Day
Dr Samantha Day MB.BS (Syd, Hon I), MPH, FRACP, FRCPA. Clinical and laboratory haematologist at Liverpool and Campbelltown Public Hospitals NSW. Lecturer for UWS Medical School.

Topics include:

  • Thomas Aquinas for modern thinkers
  • The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • The mass and transubstantiation
  • Church authority (Bishops and Popes)
  • Church history
  • Marian doctrines

IMPACT - Beyond Survival

What is IMPACT?

IMPACT has come about as a response to the growing demands that young professional women face in the workplace. The conference aims to address the question of how to meet and increasing workload and heightened expectations, while also making a lasting impact.

Through the advice of leading professionals in their fields, we tackle the questions:

  • How can I build confidence in my work when I am still learning?
  • Is it possible to be a great professional and maintain a steady work life balance?
  • What mentoring opportunities are available to me?

The conference is a space where young people from a variety of professional environments can hear questions and difficulties they face. It’s an opportunity to make new connections, and to challenge each other to be even better professionals.

Teach Meet
Motivating teachers towards an education revolution

What is Teach Meet?

  • Becoming a better professional – developing better strategies, getting different perspectives and improving professional ethics
  • Harnessing the potential in your students – strengthening positive personality traits of each learner
  • Networking with other teachers – supporting each other in the field of the 21st century learning
  • Sharing resources

We're always looking for Speakers!

Inspired to share your gifts and talents with young professional women? Lowana is always interested in your help as a one-time speaker.

Let us know how you might be able to help.

Anna - 0404 114 110

Personal Project
Family Education Australia (FEA)

For young people facing their future - big decisions, that will affect the rest of their lives, are taken at this moment. Some topics and questions arise about professions, dating, marriage and the meaning of life. Throughout about six meetings these young professionals will discuss important issues that will help them make sound decisions in this important moment for their personal and professional future. Each course will have a schedule once a sufficient amount of people have registered their interest.

Commencing: 13 June 2018


Kristina - 0410 362 346


1st Monday of the month - Catechism Class
2nd Monday of the month - Meditation & Guest speaker
3rd Monday of the month - Catechism Class
4th Monday of the monthRecollection and Talk


Lowana’s chaplain gives a 30 minute talk on helping individuals reflect on the gospel and put their faith into practice.

When: Every 2nd Monday of the month
Time: 7.00 - 7.30pm

Evenings of Recollections

When: Fourth Mondays,
Time: 6.45pm – 9.00pm at Lowana
The priest is available to hear confessions from 6 pm.

  • Monday 26 February
  • Monday 19 March
  • Monday 23 April
  • Monday 28 May
  • Monday 18 June
  • Monday 23 July
  • Monday 27 August
  • Monday 24 September
  • Monday 22 October
  • Monday 26 November
  • Monday 10 December

Watch this space


Mama Lana’s Community Foundation

Mama Lana's is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping homeless and underprivileged community in the greater Penrith region.
When: Every month, one Saturday evening.

To Volunteer: Please request to join the Young Professionals Watsapp group to be notified of future Community Service events.

Teresa - 0413 694 724


The D.R.E.A.M Project

Founded in 2015, The DREAM Project provides a source of inspiration and motivation for high school students with refugee background to integrate with the Australian community. We do this by helping them with their studies, preparing them for work and just being their friend.

Be a D.R.E.A.M Volunteer:

Busy Bees

When: Saturday March 17, Saturday September 15
Time: 1:30 - 3:30pm
Cost: $50 for 2 hours

Lowana Busy Bees is a volunteer program which is also a fundraising initiative. All proceeds go to supporting Lowana and all her many educational activities. This fundraising initiate is a joint effort across all of Lowana's clubs: High School, University Students, Young Professionals and Women's groups.

All Lowana Busy Bees are professionally trained to deliver quality housekeeping services including: bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, ironing, windows and extras e.g. blinds

To Volunteer

Young Professional women volunteers who can drive and/or own a vehicle are encouraged to volunteer driving younger volunteers (in highschool and university groups) to the venues booked for services. 

You may also request training if you would like to help with house keeping services. Training can be arranged in groups based on demand and availability.

Kristina 0452 426 142

To Book Services

Young Professional women may also book services for their own homes. All proceeds will go to supporting Lowana activites. 

Ciantal 0433 671 344

New Zealand Refugee Young Professionals Service Project
Young professional women to run school holiday workshops for a group of refugee children living in Hamilton, New Zealand (Monday - Friday).

There will be free time on the weekend for tourist/cultural activities in Hamilton.

Where: Hamilton, New Zealand
When: Saturday 29 September 2018 - Sunday 7 October 2018
Note: Monday 6 October is a Public Holiday (Labour Day) so the service project is 9 days in total
Cost: Approximately $1200+ (including accomodation, airfare etc)
Contact: Caitlin (

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For more information please contact:
0431 653 598 or Anna 0404 114 110