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“Lowana provides my daughters with a sense of belonging in a community where they can freely be themselves. Growing in character & spiritual formation in a fun & enjoyable atmosphere.”



32 years in the making

Established in Western Sydney in 1997, Lowana was an initiative started by local parents who wanted a place where the overall character of their daughters was developed in an environment conducive to their personal, professional and spiritual growth.

Volunteers and parents passionate about promoting good values for women began running activities in their own homes throughout various areas of Western Sydney. As the club expanded in numbers, the idea of establishing a centre dedicated to the vision of women’s character development would become a reality.

Lowana Study Centre started in a rented premise in South Penrith in September 2008. Since 2012, Lowana has its permanent premise at 11 Higgins Street, Penrith.

All activities are run by volunteers including high school students, university students, young professionals and parents.


1992 – The beginnings of Lowana. Parents in the Penrith area start hosting small but well attended activities for girls and women in their homes and in community centres, including crafting, cooking, community service, talks on character development and after school study sessions

2005 – 2009 – Girls club needs a home, as activities are now frequent and very popular. Several attempts made to buy a house but no suitable location found

2010 – House rented in Stoke St, South Penrith and the name “Lowana”, meaning “young girl” was chosen for the centre

Oct 2010 – Lowana has a home! With the help of Association for Education Projects LTD (AEPL), parents successfully purchase 11 Higgins St at auction in Penrith and begin paying off the loan

2011 – 2012 – DA approved for Change of Use and works commence on minor alterations to make the house more suitable for activities. A small library/study, chapel and common computer area installed and by 2012 the new Lowana Study Centre is ready

2013 – We have already outgrown the little red brick house at 11 Higgins, with so many girls and women attending our activities. Many activities move to local community centres and another property close to 11 Higgins is rented.

2018 – Breakthrough! After many attempts over the previous 5 years to find an opportunity to expand the premises, Lowana makes an offer on the house next door and on 24th May, a contract is signed for the sale of the property. We then rallied together to try to raise $350 000 for a bigger centre, at our Great Gatsby Gala Dinner.

April 2021 – We finally moved into 13 Higgins, with the help of your generous donations.

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